The Quest

This blog is dedicated to all the stylish, smart, and budget-conscious folks in Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital; I believe that just because you have to mind the dollars and cents doesn’t preclude you from having a lot of fun along the way. Having lived here for a few years, I’ve picked up several tips and tricks to getting around the town for less. Melbourne is a great place to ferret out a ridiculous amount of cheap days/nights out.

We have:

*Free concerts;

*University events and lectures;

*Travellers’ and various interest groups/events;

*Free/nearly free accommodation;

*Museums, art galleries, libraries, all with cheap or free entry;

*Volunteer opportunities, and more.

This blog will be dedicated to guiding you through the best of the best. There will be interviews with locals, articles about recent news and research, how-tos on getting the best out of discount outlets, tours around town for less, and a lot more.


About Susan Munro

Susan in a student, complementary health practitioner and sometime freelance writer specialising in lifestyle, health and entertainment. Despite her rural upbringing, she steadfastly refuses to embrace bull-riding as a hobby and instead enjoys discovering new flavours of coffee and miscellaneous adventures in the urban landscape. Blogs at
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