Ode to Magnation

magnationMagnation is an iconic Melbournian institution (now with branches interstate!). The place is full of thousands of periodicals, all for purchase or simple to look through for an hour or so. The place is full of comfy couches and chairs, and is an excellent gap-filler in your day, or just to pass a little time away from the busy street. I remember clearly that the shop was one of the reasons I wanted to move here – it represented, in a way, what Melbourne was all about to me: quirkiness, trust, and a new twist on an old idea. These are my reasons why Magnation is a better place to pass an hour than a coffee shop… or a library.

1. It is both

This is a shop that is not only a great place to hang out for an hour or so, but can even accommodate your caffeine fix to boot. Awesome.


2. It has thousands of up-to-date periodicals

Magnation carries 4000+ publications, both local and international, on subjects from your stock-standard to quirky (Fortean Times, anyone?). Many of their titles are received via airmail within hours of the title becoming available overseas. Magnation is fabulous if you are looking for foreign-language titles, too. They can also sort out subscriptions for you with little fuss.

3. Actual peace and quiet

Coffee shops can be very loud. Whether it’s the man-date next to you or the girlfriends dishing the dirt on the other side, they can be very distracting if you are reading, or heaven forbit, trying to get some work done. Magnation is quiet like a library, but with better magazines.

4. The third floor

The third floor is the discount level. Full of not only magazines, but books, stationary and homewares, you’ll find unusual and quirky goods galore. It’s also the emptiest and so the quietest level, great for a little chill time.


About Susan Munro

Susan in a student, complementary health practitioner and sometime freelance writer specialising in lifestyle, health and entertainment. Despite her rural upbringing, she steadfastly refuses to embrace bull-riding as a hobby and instead enjoys discovering new flavours of coffee and miscellaneous adventures in the urban landscape. Blogs at http://thesalientscript.wordpess.com
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